Figure descriptions
View overlooking Lake Grasmere in the English Lake District. Two boats sail on the water. Trees also line the water’s edge. There are tree-lined hills in the distance. 1/3-page illustration partially contained within a single-ruled border on the left, top, and right edges. The top edge of the border is curved.
The grave stone for William Wordsworth (1850) and Mary Wordsworth (1859) stands in a cemetery. The grave stone is illuminated. A second grave stone stands adjacent to the Wordsworths’; it features a carving of a lamb and partial lettering. There is a cast iron fence behind the two main grave stones. The silhouettes of additional grave stones are visible in the distance. A tree canopy extends over the cemetery: leaves fly through the air, and some have landed at the base of the Wordsworths’ grave stone. Butterflies also fly through the air. 1/6-page illustration partially contained within a circular border. Grasses in the foreground extend down the page beyond the circular border.