A Song of Birds

Figure descriptions
A skylark flies over grasses and wild flowers. The bird opens its beak and turns its head to the right as it looks into the sky. The grasses blow in the wind. 3/4-page illustration contained within a single-ruled border. Some of the grasses break the border on the left, bottom, and right edges.
Three birds perch on leafy branches. The two small birds look toward the larger bird and cock their heads to the side. 1/16 page.
Two small birds nuzzle while perching on the side of a nest. There are multiple eggs in the nest. The birds and the nest are surrounded by leafy branches. 1/16 page.
Three small birds perch on leafy branches. The two small birds sit lower on the branch than the larger bird. They all look upward: two birds turn their heads to the left and one bird turns its head to the right. 1/16 page.