The Sunset’s Gate

Figure descriptions
The letters from the poem’s title, “The Sunsets Gate”, stand on the ground in small capitals. Multiple people and supernatural figures gather around the letters. At the left, a young girl sits on the top edge of the “T”. She crosses her ankles and holds her nose up in the air. A young man kneels in front of the “H” and gestures toward the woman. In the middle, a warrior stands over the letter “S”. He grabs the wrist of a small being, who is positioned between the letters “U” and “N”. The warrior and the small being frown at each other. A woman sings and strums a string instrument on the other side of the “N”. A person leans against the third “S” and reads from a book. A potted flower sits atop the “G” and a figure sits on top of the next letter, “A”, staring at the flower. A bee perches on the “T” and a figure crawls out of a bush near the bottom of the “E”. There are plants on both sides of the illustration and a mountain at the center. Translucent fairies and butterflies float around the peak of the mountain. Sunlight streams out from behind the mountain, casting the letters’ shadows on the ground in the foreground of the illustration. 1/5-page illustration contained within a single-ruled border.
Four girls climb a hill. All the girls wear either hats or bonnets and long-sleeved coats or dresses. At the left side of the illustration, a girl grabs a plant that grows at the top of the hill. A second girl stands beside her. A third girl attempts to climb up to where the first two girls are standing. She grabs the hem of the first girl’s dress, frowns, and looks down at the ground while she takes a step. A fourth girl stands at the right side of the illustration with both her hands raised to chest height. In front of her, a fifth figure appears to have fallen from the hill. The bottom of the figure’s feet are visible in the bottom-right corner of the illustration. 1/3 page.
A girl sits in the grass on top of a hill and looks out into the distance. There are plants beside her and trees further up the hill. In the bottom-right corner of the illustration, a small stream of water flows over rocks. There are hills and trees in the background. 2/3-page illustration contained within a single-ruled border.