Sir Lancelot at the Forest Chapel

Figure descriptions
The hand-drawn poem title, “Sir Lancelot at the Forest Chapel”, is placed at the top of the illustration. The initial “S” is placed on a shield; a sword weaves through the curves of the letter. The rest of the title is placed on a torn banner. A tree grows on the left side of the illustration and its branch extends behind the shield and across the top of the banner. Below the title banner, Sir Lancelot wears full armour and rides an armoured horse through a forest. He holds a lance over his right shoulder as well as a shield in his left hand. His helmet is pulled up, exposing his face. The hand-drawn caption appears on a banner at the bottom of the illustration. Roots that begin on the left side of the lower banner extend across to the right side, covering some of the letters in the caption. 1/2 page.
A woman sits on a chair on a stone balcony. She wears a crown and veil. The woman rests her chin on the back of her hand and looks out at a city from over the balcony wall. Castle towers rise around the balcony, and the city street below is lined with additional buildings. Knights ride on horses through the street. Some of them carry banners. There is a small potted tree on the balcony, and a lute lies on a cloth on top of the balcony wall. Full-page illustration contained within a multi-ruled border.
Sir Lancelot rides away from the viewer through a forest. He and his horse are fully armoured. He carries a lance over his right shoulder and a shield in his left hand. There is a small body of water directly behind him. The ground is covered with grass and flowers. 1/2 page.
Sir Lancelot lies asleep on the ground atop roots and grass. He wears his armour and holds his shield, but his helmet is placed on the ground beside him. The roots wrap around a large gravestone in the shape of a crucifix that stands behind him. The crucifix is next to a tree. An angel who wears long and loose robes stands over Lancelot. She holds a lit candle in one hand and reaches out toward Lancelot with the other. She is flanked by two other angels, both holding candles. The angels have large wings. A stone wall stretches across the background. An open doorway is placed roughly in the center of the wall. A man walks through the doorway toward a bright light that emanates from a floating chalice (Holy Grail). Full-page illustration.
Sir Lancelot kneels at a gravestone in the shape of a large crucifix. He is turned away from the viewer and holds his hands to his face as though he is crying. He is dressed in full armour except for a helmet. His lance is placed on the ground to his left and his shield is placed to his right. Large trees fill the background. 1/2 page.