Benson, Ralph Augustus (M)

Surname: Benson
Forename(s): Ralph Augustus
b. 11 October 1828. d. 11 March 1886. Nationality: English.
Barrister, magistrate, and poet. Pseudonym: R. A. B. Alternative signature: R. Benson. and Educated at Christ Church College, Oxford. Called to the bar and the Inner Temple in 1854 and practiced in the Oxford Circuit. Magistrate at the Southwark police court (1867-1879). Recorder of Shrewsbury, Shropshire (1866-1879). Married Henrietta Selina Cockerell on 7 August 1860. Seems to have been asexual, and details emotionally intimate homosexual relationships in his diaries. Biographical information: Curran Index; Foster, Men-at-the-Bar, p. 33; The Solicitor’s Journal and Reporter, Volume 30, 1886, p. 341; ODNB (CC, BGL)

Poems associated with this person

Total poems: 16
Poem title Date Periodical Roles id #
Night and Morning 1859-07-09 Once a Week Poet 198
The Belle of the Season 1859-08-20 Once a Week Poet 208
Two Partings 1859-09-17 Once a Week Poet 216
Young Nimrod’s First Love. July 1859-11-19 Once a Week Poet 237
A Lost Love 1859-12-03 Once a Week Poet 242
Bought and Sold 1859-12-10 Once a Week Poet 243
An Evening Voice 1860-03-03 Once a Week Poet 261
Only for Something to Say 1860-04-14 Once a Week Poet 266
Her Bridal 1860-06-09 Once a Week Poet 272
Amata 1860-10-20 Once a Week Poet 297
Aux Bien-Amiées 1861-02-09 Once a Week Poet 431
Charade 1863-02-28 Once a Week Poet 466
A Celibate Consoled. “Ex Fumo” 1863-05-02 Once a Week Poet 481
Answer to Charade in No. CXCII 1863-05-16 Once a Week Poet 486
The Stalking-Horse. In Three Fyttes 1864-05-07 Once a Week Poet 582
Memories 1865-01-14 Once a Week Poet 727