Bought and Sold

Figure descriptions
Illustration is divided into six sections. The first section, located at the top-left corner of the illustration, shows a woman flying toward a cherub while holding a butcher knife. In front of her, two hearts are pierced by a needle. The top-right section shows a woman sitting on an “S”-shaped ribbon, from the poem’s first word, “Simple.” A man kneels below the woman and looks up toward her. He clasps his hands in front of his chest as though he is pleading with her. The upper-middle section shows two cherubs duelling on saddled horses. One cherub jabs his javelin at the other cherub, who falls off his horse. The lower-middle section shows two cherubs riding saddled horses side-by-side. The bottom-left section shows a man who is surrounded by five women. The women all stare at him. Three fairies fly above him, one of whom holds her arms out to him. In the bottom-right section, a man and a woman embrace under a tree. Each of the six sections is divided by either tree branches or ribbons. 1/2-page illustration occupies the left side of the poem page.
Illustration is divided into five sections that are stacked vertically. The first section shows men and women dancing in pairs; some men and women also stand or sit to the left of the dancers. The second section shows two women; the first woman leans over and cries and the second stands beside her. The third section shows two women and a man. One woman sits and the second woman stands behind her. The man kneels in front of the seated woman with his arm outstretched. He is surrounded by sacks. The fourth section shows a cherub aiming a gun at two women. The fifth section shows two cherubs playing with a seesaw. One cherub falls off of the seesaw while the other cherub snickers and walks away. The sections are separated by a curved ribbon. 1/2-page illustration occupies the right side of the poem page.