Fairy May

Figure descriptions
An old woman and a young woman (Fairy May) stand together. The old woman stands behind the young woman and grabs her arm. She glares at the young woman and holds her left arm out behind the young woman’s body, reaching toward a man who occupies the inhabited initial to the right of this illustration. The young woman stands with her left hand on her hip as she grasps her skirt with her right hand. She appears unbothered by the old woman’s anger. 1/12 page.
Decorated initial letter “C” from the poem’s first word, “Come.” A man leans out from the centre of the letter and reaches towards the women depicted in the first illustration. He holds the upper half of the letter with his right arm and kneels on the lower half with his left knee. 1/24 page.
Two men and two women gather in the outdoors. They are depicted in a perspective that makes them appear short and squat. Two men stand at the centre of the illustration. One of the men holds a bow in his left hand; he holds his right arm back, having just shot an arrow. The second man stands behind him, carrying his arrow bag. A woman stands at the right side of the illustration holding a large shield that reads “FANCY FREE.” The shot arrow ricochets off her shield. The second woman stands at the left side of the illustration, gesturing toward the group. 1/4 page.