St. George of England: A National Legend

Figure descriptions
An old bearded man stands between a young and an old woman. The man is identified in the illustration caption as the seneschal. He wears a black cap and long decorated robes. An ornamental chain hangs from his shoulders, and he wears a satchel on a belt around his waist. The young woman stands at the left side of the illustration. She wears a knee-length dress with a smock as well as a scarf in her hair. The old woman wears a veil, a floor-length dress, and a smock. She holds a pouch and keys at her waist. The poem text identifies the young woman and the old woman as Jemima, the maid, and Dame Jampot, the housekeeper. 1/5 page.
Three identical women stand together. The poem text identified the women as three baby’s nurses, Priscilla, Prudence, and Pandora. The woman at the center of the illustrated scene cradles a baby and holds the baby’s right arm. The other two women look at the baby. The woman on the left holds her arms out toward the baby. The three women all wear floor-length dresses and aprons, glasses, and large billowy hats. 1/6 page.
A woman stands in full-length profile view while cradling a baby to her chest. She and the baby are both shrouded in a translucent cloak. Her long hair flows down her back. 1/6 page.
A man stands and holds his left arm up to the right side of his chest. A cape drapes across his torso and down his back. The man grabs the cape at his side with his right hand. The man is dressed in a decorative tunic and he wears a plume hat. He has long hair and a moustache. 1/6 page.
Saint George stands and points his sword at the skull of a slain dragon. He holds his shield in the air. A second man gestures toward the dragon while a third man crouches behind him. A woman stands at the left side of the illustration and looks down upon the dragon. She wears a flowing white dress and floral garlands. The dragon’s tail is wrapped around a tree in the foreground. There are additional trees in the background. Full-page illustration contained within a single-ruled border.
A knight stands in the middle of a group of five women. He stands in profile view and gestures toward a woman at the right side of the illustration. The woman meets his gaze while holding his sword in front of her upper body. One of the women who stands behind him holds his shield in front of her lower body. The knight’s breastplate features a cross and a dragon decorates his shield. The women wear identical dresses and hairstyles. 1/3 page.
A woman and a man in formal, Egyptian-style dress stand next to a doorway. The woman leans one arm on the man’s shoulder and clasps her hands. The man holds his hands in front of his body. Both figures look toward an old, bearded man who stands in the open doorway. The old man wears a Nemes headdress and holds a staff. He is identified in the poem caption as Sethos. 1/6 page.
Two young women in Egyptian-style dress stand in front of a decorated window sill. The first woman leans backward and places her hand on the edge of the window sill. The second woman stands beside her and is depicted in profile view. She holds the first woman’s left hand with her left hand and places her right hand on the woman’s shoulder. The two women wear similar flowing dresses with hip scarves and decorated hems. The first woman wears a small crown and the second woman wears a headband. There are hieroglyphic markings on the window sill and buildings are visible in the distance. A single bird flies in the sky. 1/6 page.
A bearded man stands facing a young woman. Both figures wear Egyptian-style dress; the man wears a Nemes headdress and the woman wears a small crown. The man holds a decorated urn in front of his body with two hands. The woman looks into the man’s eyes as she places one hand into the urn. There is a second urn in the background. 1/6 page.
A knight stands before a woman who is tied to a stake. The knight takes a broad stance; he holds up his shield and holds his sword at the ready. The woman wears a flowing dress and a floral crown. Her hands are tied behind her back and she looks directly at the knight. A single bird flies in the sky. 1/6 page.