Sweet Home

Figure descriptions
A portrait of John Howard Payne is shown from the chest up and contained within an oval border. The inner portion of the border is double-ruled and the outer portion features a pattern of circles. Four ribbons are tied to the border; they curl and extend outwards. The name “John Howard Payne” is centered on an irregularly shaped plaque below the portrait. Branches with leaves, flowers, and fruit extend outward from behind the portrait. The hand-drawn poem title, “Sweet Home”, is placed to the right of the portrait and superimposed over the plant matter. 1/3 page.
Facsimile of Harriet Prescott Spofford’s signature. 1/32 page.
A man sits on the bank of a body of water. He rests his elbow on his knee and his head in his hand. Plants, including cattails, grow around him. There are trees scattered throughout the illustration on both sides of the body of water. A castle stands in the distance. 1/3-page illustration contained within a single-ruled border on the left, top, and right edges.
A man stands in an alleyway next to an archway in a stone wall at night. He wears a dark cloak and holds his hat in his hand. Two more figures stand in the distance. Lights emit from a building’s windows in the background. 1/2-page illustration contained within a thick single-ruled border.
A house is surrounded by dense trees and foliage. Animals lounge and stand in the grass surrounding the house. Birds fly in the sky. 1/12 page.
A group of peacocks stand on and around a set of outdoor steps. There is a decorative plinth on either side of the steps; each plinth holds a large vase. Trees and foliage fill most of the background. The tops of buildings can be seen above the trees. There is a statue of an animal in the background; multiple figures are gathered in front of it. 1/3-page illustration contained within a single-ruled border.
Multiple houses are surrounded by trees and foliage. A small body of water is positioned between the houses. 1/5-page illustration contained within a single-ruled border.