Sent Back by the Angels. A Ballad

Figure descriptions
A woman sits in a chair doing needlework. A man sits across from the woman at a table. He clasps his hands together on the table and rests his head in his arms. The man’s eyes are closed and he appears to be sleeping. There is a white tablecloth on the table. A multi-drawer chest stands in the background. There is a pile of books on top of the chest. 1/2-page illustration contained within a wide border. The border appears to be shaded in gradient sections. It is composed of three sections: a black line closest to the illustration, then dense parallel lines, then a line of dots.
A woman sits in a chair and holds a swaddled baby in her lap. Two men sit across from her: one of the men reaches toward the baby. All three adult figures look down at the baby. There is a window and long curtains in the background. 1/3-page illustration contained within a dark, medium-weight border.