The Charity of the Countess Kathleen

Figure descriptions
A woman stands in front of a large archway and pulls back a curtain, revealing a second room. Past the curtain, two men with pointed beards examine a pile of coins. One man sits at the table and the other one stands, leaning over it. An opened chest lies on the floor next to them and objects spill out from it. Full-page illustration contained within a thick single-ruled border.
A woman lies under a blanket. Her eyes are closed and she appears to be either dead or asleep. Flowers are placed around her hands. A figure with large, dark, bat-like wings looms over her. The hand-drawn poem title, “The Charity of the Countess Kathleen”, appears at the left side of the illustration. 1/3-page illustration contained within a single-ruled border.
Facsimile of Katharine Browne’s signature. 1/32 page.
A figure rides a galloping horse at night. The full moon is low in the sky and surrounded by dark clouds. Three bare trees stand at the left side of the illustration. There are additional trees in the distance. 1/4-page illustration contained within a double-ruled border.