Epitaph on Agnes Jones. Buried in Fahan Churchyard near Lough Swilly

Figure descriptions
At the left side of the illustration, the poem title is written in hand-drawn lettering on a decorative ribbon. The ribbon has tassels and it is wrapped around a staff. An illustration is set in a heart-shaped frame at the top-centre of the staff. It depicts a bottle, a tea cup, and a spoon. In the centre of the illustration, to the right of the illustrated title, Jesus Christ leans over to hold a woman’s hand. Christ is contained within a circular floral border, and light emits from his head. The woman ascends from the middle-right of the poem page, and reaches up toward Christ with both arms. Her body breaks the bottom edge of the floral border. A floral crown has fallen off the woman’s head; it hovers at the right side of the page. A branch of lilies drapes over her left arm. At the right side of the illustration, a flame hovers above the dotted outline of a heart. 1/2 page.
Decorated initial letter “A” from the poem’s first word, “Alone.” A vine with foliates emerges from the bottom extremities of the letter. The vine descends the left side of the poem page. 1/8 page.
An angel kneels beside a woman’s lifeless body. Light emits from her head. The woman wears a floral crown and her body is covered in a sheet. The angel holds a branch of lilies. The two figures are contained within a decorated, semi-circular border, with a flat bottom and a curved top. The angel’s torso breaks the top edge of the border. An enlarged branch of lilies extends from the bottom-right corner of the border. It follows the curve of the border’s top edge, and blooms over the angel’s head. The leaves drip single drops of water onto the woman’s body. 1/3 page.