Category: At least one illustration is an illustrated initial letter or word.

Poem has at least one illustrated initial letter, which does not appear to be generic, and can be at the beginning of the poem or throughout it. Sometimes an entire word is illustrated. Note more specific values.

Poems assigned to this category

Total poems: 54
Poem title Poet(s) Date Periodical id #
A Penny for Your Thought Fuller, James Franklin 1859-08-06 Once a Week 205
Hern Castle King, Henry (1817-1888) 1859-10-01 Once a Week 220
Bradmere Pool Stewart, Louisa 1859-10-22 Once a Week 228
The Song of the Survivor Calvert, William 1859-10-22 Once a Week 229
The Sprig of Lavender Memor (pseudonym) 1859-11-12 Once a Week 235
Sonnet H. H. (poet; Once a Week) 1859-12-31 Once a Week 249
Fair Drinking Hopkins, Manley 1860-01-07 Once a Week 251
Little Rogue! Stedman, John 1860-01-28 Once a Week 255
The Private View Brooks, Shirley 1860-05-19 Once a Week 270
Legend of the Castle of Monctier Bolton, Sarah T. 1863-12-26 Once a Week 548
St. George and the Dragon. An Ancient Myth Modernized Craik, Dinah 1866-12-01 Once a Week 13506
The Horrors of Housekeeping. Especially in the Festive Season. Reviewed by a Young Married Lady Silver, H. 1866-12-01 Once a Week 13514
Mountain Crosses A. E. C. (poet; Once a Week) 1867-10-19 Once a Week 13559
1865—1866 Tennyson, Alfred 1868-03-01 Good Words 1896
My Cid Dallas, E. S. 1868-12-25 Once a Week 12253
Epitaph on Agnes Jones. Buried in Fahan Churchyard near Lough Swilly Alexander, William 1869-11-01 Good Words 1998
Lines on the Dead Year Sawyer, William 1869-12-25 Once a Week 13812
Michael Scott 1869-12-25 Once a Week 13816
Sledding Stanzas Geraldine (pseudonym) 1869-12-25 Once a Week 13815
The Legend of Pertinax Creech and Philbert Flip E. J. M. (poet; Once a Week) 1869-12-25 Once a Week 13811
Why Don’t I Marry Mary Anne? Halse, George (pseudonym Rattlebrain) 1869-12-25 Once a Week 13813
My Timepiece Turner, Charles Tennyson 1870-01-01 Good Words 2007
The Legend of the Holly 1872 Good Words 2229
Sestina Swinburne, Algernon Charles 1872-01-06 Once a Week 13952
Birth-Song Freeland, William 1873 Good Words 2422
Mervaunee. In Two Parts. Part I Allingham, William 1876-07 The Cornhill Magazine 12333
Mervaunee. In Two Parts. Part II Allingham, William 1876-08 The Cornhill Magazine 12335
The Message of the Snowdrop Reid, Samuel 1883 Good Words 3973
A Summer Song Betham-Edwards, Matilda 1884 Good Words 4342
Pine and Palm Canton, William 1885 Good Words 4366
Atalanta Arnold, Edwin 1887-10 Atalanta 1641
A Christmas Carol Rossetti, Christina G. 1887-12 Atalanta 1690
The Children of Lir Tynan (Hinkson), Katharine 1888-10 Atalanta 1829
Gusty Weather. Triolet Gillington, May Clarissa (Byron) 1889-03 Woman’s World 664
Whittington’s Advancement 1889-12 Atalanta 1960
Flowers from a Garden Strachey, Jane Maria 1890-05 Atalanta 2031
Kate Cunningham’s Ride Werner, Alice 1890-05 Atalanta 2032
The Friar of Orders Gray Percy, Thomas 1890-06 Atalanta 2036
The Secret of the Nightingale Noel, Roden 1890-06 Atalanta 2035
The London Necropolis Woking King, Harriet Eleanor Hamilton 1890-08 Atalanta 2043
A New Year Fantasy Watson, Rosamund Marriott 1891-01 Atalanta 2061
Of The Doleful Death, and Dirge, Of Harpalus and Of Phillida’s Love Bestowed On Corin, Who Loved Her Not 1891-01 Atalanta 2062
The Violin Player Plarr, Victor Gustave 1892-11 Atalanta 2237
“Come, here’s to the Knights of the true royal oak” 1892-12 Atalanta 2243
Summer and Autumn Fancies Canton, William 1893 Good Words 15912
“Come restles swallow fit my restles minde” Queen Elizabeth I 1893-06 Atalanta 2267
The Nymph’s Reply Raleigh, Walter 1893-09 Atalanta 2275
The Passionate Shepherd to His Love Marlowe, Christopher 1893-09 Atalanta 2274
A Letter Brotherton, Mary 1894-09 Atalanta 2312
A Caravansarai. (Done into verse from Addison) F. A. (poet; Atalanta) 1895-06 Atalanta 2340
To The Thrush Mackie, Gascoigne 1896-06 Atalanta 2370
Penelope Japp, Alexander Hay 1896-07 Atalanta 2374
Bruges Tuttiett, Mary Gleed (pseudonym Maxwell Gray) 1896-08 Atalanta 2376
O Haru San Hopper, Nora 1896-10 Atalanta 2383