A woman is sitting on a chair and is looking at a bird that is perched on her finger. Full-page frontispiece contained within a thick decorative border with slightly curved corners. The illustration fades around its edges.

Flowers from a Garden.

Decorated initial letter “w” that is part of the first word of the poem, “who”. There are daffodils behind the “w”. The letter is contained within a single-ruled square border.
Who shall have the daffodils in my garden growing,1
Daintily be-frilled in white, with yellow furbelowing ?2
Baby boy and baby girl,3
Each a little human pearl,4
Golden heads and dancing feet,5
Drops of life all perfect-sweet,6
You shall have the daffodillies in my garden growing.7
Who shall have the roses in my garden growing,8
Pallid as the moonlight, as the sunset glowing ?9
Maid with soul as pure as they,10
Tender, innocent and gay,11
Youth, whose ruddy pulses beat12
For truth, and love, and high conceit,13
You shall have the roses in my garden growing.14
Who shall have the heliotrope in my garden growing,15
Scenting all the ambient air in its tranquil blowing ?16
Hands at rest from labour done,17
Heads that snow has settled on,18
Hearts the richer and more rare19
For Life’s petals fallen there,20
You shall have the heliotrope within my garden growing.21
Who shall have the pansies in my garden growing,22
Dim with purpling depths of dark and one clear centre showing ?23
Ye, who one by one went hence24
Out of any reach of sense,25
Visionary forms who glide26
Still and ever by our side,27
Take, oh ! take the pansies in my garden growing.28
Multiple cut poppies along the bottom edge of the letterpress. 1/8 page.