Figure descriptions
3/4-page illustrated border contains the poem text. The illustrated border is divided into three sections: a narrow interior border closest to the poem text, the main illustrated border, and an exterior decorative line border. Four intersecting poles—two horizontal and two vertical—form the interior border closest to the poem text. The poles all have decorative points at both ends. Square ornaments decorate each of the four intersecting positions. Two vines bent into a pointed oval delineate the main space of the illustrated border. Four main illustrations feature within the pointed oval frame. At the top, a bearded man and a woman look over a sleeping baby. The baby sleeps on a pillow with a small canopy. The woman holds one hand to her chin and the man rests his hand on her shoulder. At the left, a dark butterfly and a light butterfly fly next to each other. At the bottom, a baby holds a flower with both hands. At the right, a white dove flies. The aforementioned illustrations on the left, bottom, and right edges are all contained within circular borders. Large, densely packed flowers connect the four illustrations and fill in the space of the pointed oval border. These flowers also extend outside of the border, overlapping with other illustrations. A final border contains the previous two. It is a line border with geometric decorations and small stars at each of the four corners.
The poem title is written in all capitals and in hand-drawn lettering. The lettering appears to be constructed of wood. Twigs with leaves extend from the letters and grow outward from the title’s horizontal extremities. 1/32 page.
The letter “L” from the poem’s first word, “Let”, appears as a decorated drop capital. The letter is darkly shaded with a white border and contains four equally spaced dots. A vegetal pattern extends behind the letter and down the page. The pattern features flowers, leaves, and foliates. 1/32 page.