Mervaunee. In Two Parts. Part II

Figure descriptions
Mountainside scenery viewed with a wide vista. A small fenced settlement stands below cliffs and forested mountains and at a short distance from a stream bed at the base of a waterfall. The thin waterfall emerges from between forested mountains at the centre of the image. A mountain peak is visible in the background. The poem’s first word, “A”, is superimposed over forested area in the top-right corner. 1/6 page contained within a single-ruled border.
A veiled woman (Mervaunee) sits in a Sun-chamber with her arms at her sides. Mervaunee frowns and looks straight ahead with a sombre expression on her face. She is dressed in a light-coloured gown and shawl with floral embellishments. A bearded man (her husband, Dalimar) stands at her side and offers her a cap with his right hand. He is dressed in dark colours and holds a dagger at his side on a belt. The two figures occupy a room overlooking the sea; it is bordered with patterns of interlace. Mervaunee sits on a throne decorated with faces and both figures are atop an animal pelt. A decorated interlace basket rests behind Dalimar’s feet. Full-page illustration contained within a single-ruled border.