Figure descriptions
Ornate, double-ruled, budded cross. Mistletoe grows around the cross. 1/32 page.
Inhabited initial word, “OLD”. An old man’s face fills the centre of the double-ruled letter “O”. His long hair and beard extend beyond the letter; some strands flow in front of the letter and some are tucked behind. A scythe is positioned at the top-right section of the letter. The blade curves along the outer portion of the top edge. The Roman numeral “L” is etched into the blade. The letters “LD” appear in smaller, hand-drawn lettering beside the inhabited initial. 1/32 page.
Circular ornament depicts a hand holding an upside-down, decorated pitcher. There is a religious cross on the pitcher. 1/32-page illustration surrounded by a border of mistletoe. The word “FINIS” is written on a double-ruled plate below the ornament. Clusters of mistletoe grow out of the left and right sides of the plate.