Of The Doleful Death, and Dirge, Of Harpalus and Of Phillida’s Love Bestowed On Corin, Who Loved Her Not

Figure descriptions
Two women gather in a fenced-in area that adjoins a building. One woman stands and holds her hand up to her mouth. The second woman sits and holds onto the first woman’s arm while looking down at the ground. A cat sits next to her feet. The area in which they gather is cluttered with potted plants, shelves, a table, and a stool. Flowers grow around the space and vines climb the adjacent buildings. A figure looks down upon the two women through a second-story window. In the background, there is a shop with an indiscernible sign. A man walks in front of the shop and a figure looks out of the shop’s entrance. A bird flies in the distance. A portion of the hand-drawn poem text is placed below the illustration. Two small flowers are placed alongside the poem text. Full page.
A man wearing a large cape walks while holding a bird above his head. Two dogs jump up toward the bird. Multiple other men and women watch the dogs from a distance. A building stands in the background on the left side. There is a body of water and a windmill far in the distance on the right side. 1/2 page.
Flowers with their stems and leaves form a partial border around a portion of the hand-drawn poem text. They line the left and bottom edges. Some of the stanzas feature decorated initial letters: there is a “B” from the word “But” and an “H” from the word “His”. 1/6 page.
A flower falls toward the bottom of the page. The hand-drawn phrase “(To be continued.)” appears below the flower; it is curved to follow the shape of the flower’s stem. Below the falling flower, a nude figure kneels and prays in front of a statue of an angel. Flowers grow around the statue and there are two turtles amongst the flowers. 1/6 page.