Category: At least one illustration is in a complex interrelationship with poem text.

The poem text and the illustration(s) are in a complex interrelationship, where the illustration and text appear inseparable.

Poems assigned to this category

Total poems: 35
Poem title Poet(s) Date Periodical id #
Of Certain White Doves Maitland, Ella Fuller 1888-01 Atalanta 1708
Legend of the Blush Roses Crane, Beatrice 1888-02 Woman’s World 647
The Crow and The Fox. Versified from Æsop’s Fables Bates, Clara Doty 1888-04 Atalanta 1771
Whittington’s Advancement 1889-12 Atalanta 1960
Triolet Rolfe, Frederick William 1890-01 Atalanta 1963
The Friar of Orders Gray Percy, Thomas 1890-06 Atalanta 2036
Of The Doleful Death, and Dirge, Of Harpalus and Of Phillida’s Love Bestowed On Corin, Who Loved Her Not 1891-01 Atalanta 2062
The Doleful Death and Dirge of Harpalus. (Continued) 1891-02 Atalanta 2069
The Angels Hallward, Reginald (Reg) 1892-03 Atalanta 2179
The Sad Ryme of Queen Valentine Andrews, E. A. 1892-03 Atalanta 2177
May Heber, Reginald 1892-05 Atalanta 2193
A Sketch in Water-Colours (To a Friend in the South) Paton, Joseph Noël 1892-07 Victorian Magazine 1538
Birthday Salutation To Alfred, Lord Tennyson. Sent him August 6th, 1889. Colin Clout (pseud) 1892-08 Victorian Magazine 1540
Summer Mitford, Mary Russell 1892-09 Atalanta 2214
The Angel of Eventide Lamont, Alexander 1892-09 Victorian Magazine 1544
Winter Fancies Canton, William 1893 Good Words 15909
1893. The New Year Hallward, Reginald (Reg) 1893-01 Atalanta 2249
My Dove Keats, John 1893-12 Atalanta 2286
The Lost Embassy Nesbit, Edith 1895-02 Atalanta 2328
“The God of love & benedicite” Clanvowe, John 1895-03 Atalanta 2331
Whilst it is Prime Spenser, Edmund 1896-04 Atalanta 2364
To Violets Herrick, Robert 1896-05 Atalanta 2366
The Lion And The Mouse. Versified from Aesop’s Fables Bates, Clara Doty 1896-12 Atalanta 2390
How the Wallflower came first, and why so called Herrick, Robert 1897-07 Atalanta 2413
October Vyse, Maude J. 1898-10 Atalanta 15924
November Vyse, Maude J. 1898-11 Atalanta 15930
December Vyse, Maude J. 1898-12 Atalanta 15931
January Vyse, Maude J. 1899-01 Atalanta 15936
February Vyse, Maude J. 1899-02 Atalanta 15939
March Vyse, Maude J. 1899-03 Atalanta 15944
May Vyse, Maude J. 1899-05 Atalanta 15950
June Vyse, Maude J. 1899-06 Atalanta 15959
July Vyse, Maude J. 1899-07 Atalanta 15965
August Vyse, Maude J. 1899-08 Atalanta 15972
September Vyse, Maude J. 1899-09 Atalanta 15976