Figure descriptions
Illustrated poem page. The hand-drawn poem title is placed vertically down the left side of the illustration. A chain-like object forms circular borders around the letters in the following configuration: “J”, “AN”, “U”, “AR”, and “Y”. After the “Y”, in the bottom-left corner of the page, a final circle contains the image of a man shown from the neck up. The hand-drawn poem text is placed on a scroll, which is positioned slightly to the right of center beside the vertical poem title. A second chain-like object is placed vertically down the right side of the illustration; it is mostly covered by the scroll. The top-right circle contains a flower and the bottom-right circle contains the image of a man shown from the neck up in profile view. A snake weaves itself through the circles on both sides. It holds its tail in its mouth at the top-center of the illustration. The sun rises along the bottom edge of the illustration; its rays partially cover the two men’s faces. The scroll that contains the poem text is superimposed over a circular border that contains a multi-pointed star. Only the top points of the star are visible from behind the scroll. There is an angel on either side of this bordered star. Both angels hold lit torches above their heads, flanking the snake’s head. The top-left and top-right corners of the scroll are fastened to two of the aforementioned circular borders with string. The scroll hangs from these corners and its bottom edge curls upward. A second star is visible in the background at the left side of the illustration, between the scroll and the poem title. Multiple rings surround it. The background is dark and shaded. Full-page illustration.