Figure descriptions
Plants, stakes, and ribbons form a full border around the poem page. Stalks of grain with long, wide leaves ascend the left side of the page, forming the left edge of the border. A lily plant with a long, thick stem grows to the right of the grain. Three lilies bloom at the top of the page. A stake forms the right edge of the border. A ribbon is wrapped around the full length of the stake. It is tied in knots at the top and bottom extremities. The ribbon crosses the top edge of the illustration, and is tied to the top of the lily stem. This portion of ribbon forms the top edge of the border. A banner with the hand-drawn poem title is wrapped around this portion of ribbon. It unravels and descends the page. The same ribbon also crosses the bottom part of the illustration, forming the final border edge. The hand-drawn poet text is appears within the border at the center of the illustration. It is superimposed upon the aforementioned plants. The first letter of each line is drawn with thicker, darker lines. A small insect flies between the two poem sections. The sun shines on the horizon at the bottom of the page. Full page.