Figure descriptions
Illustrated poem page. The hand-drawn poem title is centered at the top of the page. It appears to be melting. A large six-pointed star appears above the title. The star is surrounded by concentric rings; thin lines emerge from the center of the star and extend outward beyond the rings. Below the star and the poem title, the hand-drawn poem text is separated and placed on two scrolls. One scroll is placed in the upper-left portion of the page, and the other scroll is placed in the lower-right corner. The first letter from the first word of each line, as well as from the words “Earth”, “New”, and “Year”, are outlined. The first letters from the poet’s forename, middle initial, and surname are also outlined in the byline at the end of the poem. Most of the background is dark; however, the ground is light and it stretches across the lower third of the illustration. Branches with leaves, flowers, berries, and hops grow in the background beside and behind the scrolls. Full-page illustration contained in a single-ruled border.