Figure descriptions
Two butterflies fly in the top-left corner of the page. They face a flowering plant whose stem lines the right edge of the page. The plant has multiple shoots, leaves, and buds. Thorns protrude from the lower 3/4 section of the stem. A strawberry plant grows along the bottom edge of the page. Strawberries and leaves hang off of the central stem, with some of the berries touching the ground. The hand-drawn poem text is superimposed over the central portion of the page (below the butterflies and the flower but above the strawberry plant). The letters partially obscure a shoot that rises from the strawberry plant. The hand-drawn poem title appears above the poem text and is superimposed over one of the leaves from the flowering plant. A partial, single-ruled border frames the top-right corner of the illustration and descends the right edge, joining up with the stem of the flowering plant. Full page.