1893. The New Year

Figure descriptions
A woman faces away from the viewer and kneels on a dark object that rises from water. The object contains a portion of the poem title, “THE NEW YEAR”, positioned above a carved sun. The woman holds a baby above her head and a flying angel leans down to grab it. Babies and children stand around the angel; one holds onto the angel’s clothing and another holds a jump rope. There are leafy branches in the background. The sun is large enough to fill most of the background; it rises behind the figures and its beams extend to the top of the illustration. A single cloud is centered above the sun. This portion of the illustration is contained within a rectangular single-ruled border than features an intricate curved pattern along the top edge. The remaining illustrated components form a figurative border around the aforementioned scene. Above the top edge, the first part of the title, “1893,” is separated with “18” in the top-left corner and “93” in the top-right corner. A ribbon connects the numbers. On the left and right sides of the illustration, dark ribbons wrap around a stylized vegetal pattern of leaves and stems. The months of the year are written on the ribbon, with January through June on the left and July through December on the right. The hand-drawn poem text appears on a scroll at the bottom of the illustration. Full page.