To Violets

Figure descriptions
A woman kneels and comforts a crying girl. The girl sits on the floor and rubs her eyes. Both figures are dressed in classical robes. A broken jug lies on the step next to them, and the woman rests her hand on a second jug. There is a shawl and a bowl on the steps behind the woman. A low stone wall stretches across the background. A fountain formed from the face of a creature is connected to the wall. Full-page illustration contained within a double-ruled border.
The hand-drawn poem title, text, and byline are centered in the illustration. There are 10 small dark flowers beside the poem and byline (five on either side). A banner object is centered above the title. The rest of the illustration forms a border around the poem title, text, and byline. Along the top, there is a horizontal band with a white vegetal pattern set against a dark background. At the left side of the border, the sun rises. Sunbeams composed of broken lines extend from the sun and reach into to the right side of the border. Thin, stylized tree trunks are placed in a row in front of the sun and the sunbeams on both sides of the border. Along the bottom, there is a second horizontal band; it also features a white vegetal pattern with flowers and foliates set against a dark background. The stylized flowers in the bottom band encircle double-ruled circles in the bottom-left and right-corners. Full page.