Winter Fancies

Figure descriptions
Illustrated poem page. The boundaries among illustrated components are blurred. The poem text is let into blank space on two horizontal banners. The second banner, at the bottom of the page, has long curled edges. In the main illustrated scene, positioned around the first banner, a robin stands on a patch of ice next to a building. Snow blankets the ground, the window sills, a nearby bush, and distant trees. The second illustrated scene is superimposed over the bottom of the main illustration. It is contained within an irregular semicircular frame. In this scene, multiple figures skate on an ice rink at night. They all wear matching jackets and most of the figures hold one or both hands in the air. Marks from their skates are etched into the ice. Snow falls from the sky. The top edge of this illustrated scene is curved and the second banner is superimposed over the bottom edge. All illustrated components are contained within a single-ruled border. Full page.