Spring Fancies

Figure descriptions
Illustrated poem page. The boundaries among illustrated components are blurred. The hand-drawn poem text is placed on two horizontal banners. Both banners have curled edges. The first illustrated scene appears above the first banner. In this scene, a light-haired girl kneels on the ground and plays with stones, sticks, and broken bricks. She sets the objects around her body in a square. There is a bush to her left and tree trunks in the background. The second illustrated scene appears below the second banner. In this scene, a dark-haired girl stands in a patch of hyacinths, holding a basket on her head. She holds a hyacinth in her other hand and looks directly at the viewer. There is a field behind her and trees in the background. A shaded wisp joins the two scrolls and connects the illustrated scenes. All aforementioned illustrated components are contained within a single-ruled border. Full page.