Legend of the Blush Roses

Figure descriptions
Periodical page is fully illustrated. At the top, the poem title, “LEGEND OF THE BLUSH ROSES”, appears in hand-drawn lettering on a horizontal banner. There is a small foliate decoration to the left of the letter “B” and dots among the words. Below and to the left of the illustrated title, there is an inhabited initial “L” that occupies 1/4 of the page. A large cherub crouches within the space of the initial. The cherub reaches to the right and examines a rose at the centre of the page. The poem text appears to the right of the inhabited initial, enabling the “L” to complete the first line, “LITTLE LOVE.” The poem text is in hand-drawn lettering and there are decorative curls among the letters of the first line. The poem text descends the page, and appears to occupy the white space of a sheet of paper with decorative folds along all four edges. Behind the poem text, the inhabited initial, and the illustrated title, there is a dense pattern of interwoven rose plants that fills in the remaining space of the page. All illustrations on this periodical page are contained within a double-ruled border.