A woman sits at an upright piano reading sheet music and playing the piano with her right hand. Her dress drapes onto the ground. Beside her, papers sit atop a chair which is covered in furs and fabrics. An additional fur lies on the ground. A vase containing peacock feathers sits on the piano. The walls are decorated with a picture frame, a portrait, and a mirrored sconce. Full-page illustration.
Behind the left half of the poem’s lead letter “G”, A framed relief sculpture shows a shirtless man riding a galloping horse. There are two other horses alongside them. A branch with leaves and fruits descends the back side of the sculpture and down the left side of the page.
Greek Atalanta ! girdled high ;1
Gold-sandalled ; great, majestic Maid ;2
Her hair bound back with purple tie ;3
And in her hand th’ Arcadian blade,4
To doom the suitor who shall choose5
Challenge her to the race—and lose.6
And at her side, Hippomenes !7
Poised on his foremost foot ; with soul8
Burning to win—if Pallas please9
That course so perilous, whose goal10
Is joy, or Death !  Apples of gold11
His trembling fingers close enfold.12
Oh, girls ! ’tis English as ’tis Greek !13
Life is that race !  Train so the soul14
That, clad with health and strength, it seek15
A swifter still, who touches goal16
First ; or—for lack of breath outdone17
Dies gladly, so such race was run !18
Yet scorn not, if, before your feet,19
The golden fruit of Life shall roll,20
Truth, duty, loving service sweet,21
To stoop to grasp them !  So, the soul22
Runs slower in the race, by these ;23
But wins them—and Hippomenes !24
Facsimile of Edwin Arnold’s signature. 1/16 page.