Figure descriptions
A multipart illustration in three sections forms a partial border along the top, left, and bottom edges of the poem text. In the first section, at the top, a bearded, elderly man stands on the wooden beam of a dock. He is wrapped in a large robe and wears a brimmed hat decorated with shells. In his right hand, the man holds up a long staff topped with a buoy. He holds a piece of holly in his right hand, which he rests at hip-height on the top edge of the poem frame. Next to his right hand, a fire blazes in a grate with coals. The man is flanked by matching winged bells; the bells are both superimposed onto single wheels and then connected to each other with a long rope. There are posts at the horizontal extremities of the page, which are connected to each other with nine taut and evenly spaced cords. The cords stretch behind the aforementioned figures. In the background, the wall of a castle is visible. In the second section, in the middle-left, a child’s face blows a strong gust of air up and to the right, toward the old man’s robes. There is a spiralling line ascending and descending from the child’s head. In the third section, at the bottom-right, an elderly, bearded man’s face blows a strong gust of wind toward the bottom-left corner of the page. The man’s head intrudes upon the bottom edge of the rectangular frame that contains the poem text. Below the man, there is a continuous curved line resembling waves, and a broken post lying in the sand. 3/4 page.
Decorated initial letter “I” contained within a rectangular, dotted border. A twisting vine with clover-like foliates and tendrils descends from the bottom edge of the initial’s border. 1/64 page.
A cloaked man stands in the turret of a tower and looks out upon a great ocean storm. It is night. Waves crash upon the shore, flooding the settlement below. Ships sail in the distance. Full-page illustration contained within a single-ruled border.