The Sprig of Lavender

Figure descriptions
Illustration is divided into three sections by a winding vegetal. The top section depicts a young woman and a young man. They hold hands, and the woman holds up a sprig of lavender. In the middle section, the woman lies in a bed. A female angel sits at the foot of her bed and looks over her as she sleeps. In the bottom section, the man and the woman, now older, sit together and hold hands. The woman turns away from the man, clutching her hand to her chest as he offers her a sprig of lavender. There are birds and a body of water in the background. Small additional illustrations appear along the edges of the winding vegetal that separated these illustration sections. In the top-left corner, a cherub points toward a hand with a bracelet that holds out sprigs of lavender. In the top-right corner, a twig forms the decorative initial letter “T” from the poem’s first word, “TIS.” There is a bow tied around the initial letter. In the middle, a cherub holds a lamp above the sick woman while a devilish cherub with a mask watches her from the side. At the bottom, a bespectacled cherub watches the old couple. There is an hourglass below the final cherub. 1/3 page.