A Christmas Carol

Figure descriptions
Facsimile of the author’s signature: Christina G. Roſssetti. 1/32 page.
Decorated initial letter “L” contained within a double-ruled square border with tripartite fleurons at each corner. The interior of the letter is dark and the surrounding frame is white. They are both decorated with blooming flowers, leaves, and buds. 1/64 page.
A bundle of evergreen twigs ascends from the bottom-centre of the page and up the centre line. Several tiny stars surround its upper half. The poem text is separated into six sections. The sections are superimposed onto the evergreen bundle. They descend the page, alternating left and right of the centre line. Each section has a single-ruled border on the top and bottom edges and on the side adjacent to the centre. 1/2 page.
Raphael’s “Madonna della Granduca” depicts the Madonna holding baby Jesus at her breast. The Madonna gazes downward and holds her baby at his chest and his bottom. The baby is nude but his midsection is wrapped in a cloth. His left hand rests on his mother’s bosom. Both figures have thin halos. Full-page illustration.