The Legend of the Holly

Figure descriptions
Full-page illustrated border contains the poem text. The illustrated title and initial word are incorporated into the border. The top edge of the border is composed of an elaborate nine-armed chandelier decorated with fleurons, foliates, curls, and small dots. An image of Christ’s head with a crown of thorns is inset into the center of the chandelier. There are small angels at the lower extremities of two chandelier arms. The title, “The Legend of the Holly”, is written in hand-drawn Gothic lettering on a banner beneath the chandelier. The banner is decorated with vegetal crosses and four small dots. The left edge of the illustrated border begins with a white cross set against a black dotted background. The cross is encircled with a crown of thorns. It serves as the decorated initial letter “t” from the poem’s first word, “the.” The second two letters are written in hand-drawn lettering to the right of the crown of thorns. Interwoven vines occupy the remainder of the left edge of the illustrated border. The vines have thorns and pointed leaves and many appear to drip liquid. A crucifixion cross with two nails occupies the length of the bottom edge. A sheet of paper with the letters “INRI” lies at the center of the cross. A thorn of crosses, a whip, and a long bar also lie across the bottom of the cross. An urn stands beside the cross. The right edge of the illustrated border begins with a portrait of an elderly bearded man in profile view. He looks up toward a bright light and raises his hands to his chest in prayer. The portrait is contained within a circular border. The exterior edge of the border is lined with small thorns. Branches of holly occupy the remainder of the right edge of the illustrated border. A thin interior border divides the main illustrated border from the printed poem text on the left, bottom, and right edges. This border appears to descend from two arms of the top-edge chandelier. It forms diamond shapes at the bottom two corners. The plants on the left and right edges of the illustrated border wrap around the interior bars. 3/4 page.