The Squirrel and the Bluebottle Fly

Figure descriptions
The illustrated poem title appears centred at the top of the periodical page in hand-drawn lettering. It is superimposed over an illustration of a dense evergreen canopy. The vertical line from the initial letter “T” is curved. An anthropomorphic squirrel inhabits this space. The squirrel sits on the letter and looks into a mirror which is positioned on the letter’s horizontal stroke ending. The stroke ending functions as a small table for the squirrel. A hairbrush also sits on the table beside the mirror. The squirrel ties its necktie while looking into the mirror. The illustrated scene is partially contained within a medium-weight single-ruled rectangular border. At the left extremity, by the initial letter “T”, the illustration of a tree trunk descends the page. At the right side of the border, below the word “Bluebottle”, an enlarged fly is superimposed over the border’s bottom edge. 1/10 page.
An anthropomorphic fly works at a desk in a small library. The fly wears glasses and a shirt collar and dips a feather quill into a pot of ink. It appears to be writing. A waste paper bin sits beside the desk; it is filled with folded and crumpled paper. Books line the shelves in the background. A medium-weight zig-zag line separates this illustrated scene from the proceeding scene along the bottom-left corner. 1/16 page.
An anthropomorphic fly shops at a grocery store that is being staffed by a toad. The fly wears glasses and a top hat and gestures towards the toad’s wares. The toad places its two front legs on the counter. On the counter top, there are empty plates as well as platters and display cases filled with various types of foods. The shop windows contain signs which read “SOUP” and “ICES” in reverse. 1/12 page.
An anthropomorphic squirrel reads a folded dinner invitation. The invitation features a drawing of a wine bottle. The envelope which once contained the invitation lies opened on the ground. The squirrel smiles while reading and appears to dance with delight. A bird flies near the squirrel’s head. There are plants on the ground and tree trunks in the background. There is a single-ruled border in the top-right corner of the illustrated scene. 1/12 page.
An anthropomorphic fly changes its dress in its home. The fly’s top hat hangs on a mounted coat hook next to another garment. A chair leans on the wall below the coat hook. There is a table next to the chair. A bowl sits on the table and a jug is placed below the table. The fly stands at the left side of the illustrated scene and is in the middle of putting on a pair of black pants. This illustrated scene is contained within a single-ruled circular border. It is superimposed over a second illustrated scene. The second illustrated scene features a picnic basket, glasses, tableware, a pie, and a bottle of wine, all of which have been set out in the grass. There are leaves at the right side of the illustration. There is a single-ruled border along the bottom and right edges of this illustrated scene. 1/16 page.
A group of animals steals the fly’s dinner spread. The scene occurs at the base of a thick tree trunk. The fly appears at the center-top of the illustration and the squirrel peeks its head out from behind the trunk, witnessing the theft with wide eyes. The fly throws its arms in the air. Multiple animals begin to run away from the picnic blanket. Two birds, a mouse, a snail, and a lizard all scurry toward the left side of the illustration. One bird, identified in the poem text as a cuckoo, flies away holding a pie. The lizard steps on a plate as it walks away. At the center, a beetle and a toad attempt to get out of an empty dish. Cutlery, a glass, a corkscrew, and a wine bottle fall down the grass incline. Another insect is also falling; it has been flipped over on its back. At the right side of the illustration, a bird feasts on a prepared pudding. The bird is identified in the poem text as a robin. 1/3 page.
An anthropomorphic fly lies down incapacitated in the grass. Its legs are splayed and it wears black pants and a white shirt collar. An anthropomorphic squirrel stands and looks at the fly. The squirrel clutches its tail and looks toward the fly with a worried expression. 1/6 page
An anthropomorphic fly and squirrel drink wine together under a bush. The squirrel smiles at the fly as it pours wine into the fly’s glass. The squirrel holds its own full glass up in the air. The fly sits and looks up toward the squirrel. It uses a mushroom as a stool, and there are two other mushrooms behind it. The fly wears glasses, a shirt collar, and black pants. The bush’s leafy branches form a slight canopy over their picnic. 1/6 page.