The Walking Doll. By Her Late Owner

Figure descriptions
The illustrated poem title, “The Walking Doll. By Her Late Owner” is positioned at the top of the periodical page. In the first part of the title, “The Walking Doll.”, the letters are outlined and filled with sketch-like lines. The second part of the title, “By Her Late Owner”, is roughly 1/4 the size of the first part, and is placed below it. There are small dots placed between each word. 1/6 page.
A rat sits on a ring that hangs from a chain. The ring forms an illustrated initial letter, “O”, from the first word of the poem, “Oh”. 1/16 page.
Two girls sit together at a round table. The girl on the right kneels on a cushioned stool with one knee and stretches her other leg out behind her. A rat lies on the table. Both girls hold the rat’s body; the girl on the right also holds its tail. 1/4 page.
A doll stands upright with its arms stretched out to either side. It wears a hat and dress covered in ruffles and a large ribbon tied into a bow around its waist. A rat sits behind the doll and holds its hand out to it. The rat’s mouth is open as though it is vocalizing. 1/3 page.
A doll wearing a dress with ruffles and a large bow around its waist lies on the ground. Its head and right foot have been ripped from its body. 1/6 page.