The Violin Player

Figure descriptions
The hand-drawn poem title is placed on a torn banner in the top-left corner of the illustration. Below the banner, a woman sits in front of a window and plays a violin. One half of the window is clear, while the other half features a pattern of circles on the pane. An angel closes her eyes and leans over the woman. The angel holds a lyre. The illustrated initial letter “Y” from the first word of the poem, “You”, is placed in the bottom-left corner of the illustration. The initial letter appears in blank rectangular space. Wisps of clouds surround the scene with the woman, the violin, and the angel; they descend the page and wrap around the stem of the “Y”. 1/2 page.
A blindfolded women sits with her legs crossed on top of a large winged heart. The woman holds a lyre. 1/3 page.