Sing On!

Figure descriptions
Vignette illustration forms a full border around the poem text. Sun shines onto a body of water. There are pointed rock formations jutting out of the water, and a wave crashes on the shore. A single bird flies in the sky. The left edge of the illustrated border is composed of a variety of plants. At the top, there are snow-covered coniferous trees and leafless branches. Floral and leafy branches decorate the middle, including flowers with large, visible stamen. A bird’s nest with five eggs rests among the plants. Vines surround the nest near the ground. Tulips are also in bloom in the bottom-left corner. 3/4 page.
Inhabited initial in which a small bird perches on an “S”-shaped twig. The “S” forms the poem’s first word, “Sing”. 1/108 page.