The Dairy Maids of Dort

Figure descriptions
The poem title is illustrated in hand-drawn lettering with a middle dot between each word. Behind the title, there is a scene of the Dutch town, Dort. Buildings are visible in the distance shrouded by shapes that resemble trees. Sailboats float on the river in the middle ground. In the foreground, two women stand among grasses. The first woman faces the river with her hands clasped by her chest as if in prayer. The second woman faces the viewer. The poem’s first letter, “I”, descends from the illustration near the skirt of the second woman. The letter is wide and contains a standing bird that resembles a crane. 1/3 page
Two young dairy maids walk side-by-side along a path. They hold buckets on carrying poles over their shoulder. Grasses and wild flowers grow beside the path. There is a row of trees next to the path on the right side of the illustration. At the left side of the illustration, three figures (who appear to be men or boys) watch the dairymaids from behind a bush. There is a house in the background. A plume of smoke emits from its chimney. 1/2-page illustration contained within a single-ruled border.