‘Come, here’s to the Knights of the true royal oak’

Figure descriptions
A group of men gather around a table. A man who is roughly centered in the illustration looks directly at the viewer and plays a lyre. Some of the other men watch him. There are cups and plates on the table. A man in the background stands and holds a pitcher in one hand and a cup in the other. The corner of a fireplace is partially visible in the lower-right portion of the illustration. Smoke emits from the fireplace and rises up and around the figures. There is a pile of kindling on the floor at the forefront of the illustration. Full-page illustration contained within a sketch-like border. The following hand-drawn caption is centered below the illustration: “...Come join hand in hand, in full chorus with me God Bless Charlie Stuart...” This caption is contained within a border with curled corners that adjoins the above illustrations. Also within the border are stylized fruits and vegetal shapes contained in small, dark rectangles.
Branches with leaves and acorns form a border around the poem letterpress. Some parts of the border extend into the poem space; in these sections, the letterpress is placed around the illustration.
Illustrated initial letter “C” from the first word of the poem, “Come”. The letter is placed within a dark square that also contains leaves. 1/32 page.