Queen Elizabeth’s Verses, While prisoner at Woodstock, Writ with charcoal on a chutter

Figure descriptions
A woman leans against a wall and rests her chin in her hand. Another women sits on the floor and plays a lute; her lips are parted and it appears that she is singing. Pages of sheet music are scattered around her dress. A third women stands and looks down at her and holds sheet music. A framed portrait hangs on the wall and a flower and book lie on the floor. Full-page illustration.
Historiated and inhabited initial letter “O” from the first word of the poem “Oh”. A nude figure runs through the center of the letter and scatters seeds behind him. There is a tree in the background. The letter is contained within a square border which is juxtaposed over two flowers. The flowers match the ones that border the poem. 1/32 page.
Flowers and their stems form a border around the poem title and letterpress. Some parts of the border extend into the poem space; in these sections, the letterpress is placed around the illustration.