The King’s Quair. Cantus

Figure descriptions
A man stands against the trunk of a tree and plays a harp. His lips are parted and he appears to be singing. He wears a sheathed sword on his hip. A second man sits on the ground at his right side, and four women sit at his left. The woman closest to the forefront of the illustration looks down at an open book that lies on the ground next to her; she turns the page with her left hand and holds a mirror in her lap with her right hand. The other three women look toward the man who is playing the harp. One of these women holds a flower up to her face. The ground on which the figures are sitting is slanted and covered in grass. There are multiple trees in the background. Full-page illustration.
Flowers and their stems form a border around the poem and title letterpress. Some parts of the border extend into the poem space; in these sections, the letterpress is placed around the illustration.