A storm falls in the rocky mountains, where a river flows through the valley. Two birds fly in the background. Full-page illustration contained within a single-ruled rectangular border.

That Can Sing Both High and Low.

Inhabited initial letter “S”. A child sits in the lower curve of the letter. The child is holding a ball in one hand and a banner that is tied to a pole in the other. The banner wraps around and forms the letter “S”. 1/32 page.
Sing high when bold morning springs up from his lair,1
And life thrills exultant on earth and in air,2
With the lark as he pours his full throat to the sky3
Sing high !4
Sing low when still evening spreads out his gray tent,5
And cool dews of peace fall now effort is spent,6
With the river that murmurs in deep-hearted flow7
Sing low !8