Poems whose dominant rhyme scheme is: aabb

Total poems: 154
Poem title Poet(s) Date Periodical id #
A Lay of Fairyland, (From a Volume of Poems by John Wilson, now in the Press) Wilson, John (pseudonym “Christopher North”) 1820-01 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 7826
Don Raymon of Butrago 1820-02 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 7835
The Bullfight of Ganzul 1820-02 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 7839
Elegy I D. T. (Blackwood’s) 1820-04 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 8417
Elegy II D. T. (Blackwood’s) 1820-04 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 8418
The Gypsey’s Song 1820-04 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 8427
To the Morning Star Moir, David Macbeth (pseudonym “Delta,” ∆) 1820-05 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 8441
Elegy III Doubleday, Thomas 1820-06 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 8481
Elegy IV. (Imitated from the Modern Latin) 1820-06 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 8482
Song for the Morning of the Day of St John the Baptist 1820-06 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 8469
The Death of Don Alonzo of Aguilar 1820-06 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 8470
Book III. Ode 23 Horace 1820-07 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 8545
Book III. Ode 5 Horace 1820-07 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 8538
Book III. Ode 9 Horace 1820-07 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 8541
Cameronian Song 1820-07 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 8727
Ballad V. Alexander Peden’s Harmonious Call to the Cameronians Cunningham, Allan 1820-08 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 8739
No VIII. The Clouds frown dark Moir, David Macbeth (pseudonym “Delta,” ∆) 1820-08 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 8742
Elegy II. Book III Propertius 1820-09 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 8754
Elegy XXVII. Book II Propertius 1820-09 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 8753
MSS. No II. To Marshal— on his Return; or, Congratulatory Address by Mons.— Maginn, William 1820-09 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 8749
“The Dying Villager” Gillespie, Thomas (1778-1844) (pseud. Juvenalis Junior) 1820-09 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 8781
“Omnia Tempus edax depascitur” Seneca 1820-10 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 8798
Lines. Written on Placing a Lily of the Valley in the Dead Hand of a Lovely Child, While Lying in Her Coffin, May 24, 1829 Booker, Luke 1830 Forget-Me-Not 14467
My Mother’s Grave. Supposed to be Suggested to a Repentant Prodigal by the Frontispiece to the “Forget Me Not” for 1827 Harrison, William Henry 1830 Forget-Me-Not 14476
The Envious Roses 1830 Forget-Me-Not 14479
Your Loss Will Break My Heart Bayly, Thomas Haynes 1830 The Keepsake 12330
The First Gray Hair Bayly, Thomas Haynes 1830-01 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 10048
The Forsaken to the False One Bayly, Thomas Haynes 1830-04 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 10061
Cato. Ambassadors of Cæsar Address Cato 1830-06 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 10073
A Sunday Pastoral Hogg, James 1830-11 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 10243
The Stormy Petrel Procter, Bryan Waller (pseudonym “Barry Cornwall”) 1832-07-07 The Penny Magazine 2873
She Never Told Her Love 1833-09-14 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 3125
Florine Farrer, A. 1840 The Keepsake 4788
Lyra Mackenzie, Robert Shelton 1840 Forget-Me-Not 15172
On the Asiatic Valley of the Sweet Waters, At Constantinople Stuart-Wortley, Emmeline 1840 The Keepsake 4784
Stanzas Stuart-Wortley, Emmeline 1840 The Keepsake 4771
Stanzas Berkeley, Grantley 1840 The Keepsake 4774
The Benefactress Sigourney, Lydia Huntley 1840 Forget-Me-Not 15175
The Childless Abdy, Maria 1840 The Keepsake 4783
Hymn II Sterling, John 1840-01 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 11412
Hymn IV Sterling, John 1840-01 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 11415
Songs for the People. No. III Donald, George (1800-1851) 1840-01-04 The Chartist Circular 12
Hymn VII Sterling, John 1840-02 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 11429
Trips of the Lily of Bonchurch White, James 1840-02 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 11438
Hymn to the Light Cowley, Abraham 1840-02-01 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 4375
A Song for the Millions E. P. (poet; The Chartist Circular) 1840-02-15 The Chartist Circular 21
Hymn XII Sterling, John 1840-03 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 11455
Hymn XV Sterling, John 1840-03 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 11458
Vanity of Riches Cowley, Abraham 1840-03-07 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 4379
Hymns for the Unenfranchised Linton, William James 1840-03-28 The Chartist Circular 27
I. Charon and his Charge 1840-05 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 11470
IV. Iotis Dying 1840-05 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 11473
Carmen Triumphale. (Stanzas suggested under the flag of the marble arch of the Queen’s Palace, the evening of Wednesday, June 10, 1840) Simmons, Bartholomew 1840-07 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 11198
I. “My gay-garbed friend, much wonder fills the mind” Sterling, John 1840-08 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 11257
IX. “The region known to men as England” Sterling, John 1840-08 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 11265
VI. “Think thou no more of Words, exclaim’d my friend” Sterling, John 1840-08 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 11262
XLI. “One without stockings may wear a shoe” Sterling, John 1840-08 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 11297
XLIV. “Speak not, but mutely think !—the cynic cries” Sterling, John 1840-08 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 11299
XLVII. “To build a temple, more we need than toil” Sterling, John 1840-08 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 11302
XV. “The world sent forth a stately ship that long in glory sail’d” Sterling, John 1840-08 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 11271
XXVI. “In Florence Dante’s voice no more is booming” Sterling, John 1840-08 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 11282
XXVIII. “True, O Sage! that mortal man” Sterling, John 1840-08 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 11284
XXX. Raphael’s Madonna Del Cardellino Sterling, John 1840-08 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 11286
XXXIV. The Belvedere Apollo Sterling, John 1840-08 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 11290
XXXIX. “Many work to gain their wages” Sterling, John 1840-08 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 11295
XXXVIII. “Candle that in deepest dark” Sterling, John 1840-08 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 11294
Oh! The Flowery Month of June Gilfillan, Robert 1840-08-22 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 4413
The Twin Sisters Hedderwick, James 1840-10-31 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 5233
Lines Addressed to a Friend From the Vicinity of Abbotsford Smibert, Thomas 1840-11-07 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 5234
The Spirit of the Times Holland, John 1840-11-14 The Chartist Circular 59
“I Am So Happy!” Wooley, Charles (Wolley, Wolley-Dod) 1850-01-12 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 6053
The Bier-Path Wooley, Charles (Wolley, Wolley-Dod) 1850-01-26 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 6056
The Stolen Dance Cleaver, Mary 1850-02-09 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 6058
The Butterfly Ritchie, Leitch 1850-02-23 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 6060
Good Verses of a Bad Poet Blackmore, Richard (1654-1729) 1850-04-06 Household Words 1077
Dream within Dream; or, Evil Minimised Hunt, Leigh 1850-04-20 Household Words 1072
The Lady Alice Allingham, William 1850-04-20 Household Words 1073
Do Not Weep Wooley, Charles (Wolley, Wolley-Dod) 1850-06-15 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 6075
A Cottage Memory Allingham, William 1850-09-14 Household Words 1122
The Flying Cloud Craik, Dinah 1850-09-28 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 6090
The White Rose Moir, David Macbeth (pseudonym “Delta,” ∆) 1850-10 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 9065
New Year’s Eve Meredith, George 1850-12-28 Household Words 1156
The Grandmother’s Apology Tennyson, Alfred 1859-07-16 Once a Week 199
The Return of the Firefly MĂźnster, Mary C. F. 1860-01-14 Once a Week 252
The Lay of the Lady and the Hound Simeon, John 1860-02-18 Once a Week 258
St. Stephen’s. Part Third Bulwer-Lytton, Edward 1860-03 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 7734
Early Faith Havergal, Francis Ridley 1860-04 Good Words 325
The Golden Bee Betham-Edwards, Matilda 1860-05-12 All the Year Round 2737
The Private View Brooks, Shirley 1860-05-19 Once a Week 270
Night Worsley, Philip Stanhope 1860-06 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 7763
The Deformed Child Greenwell, Dora 1860-07 Good Words 339
Without and Within Greenwell, Dora 1860-07 Good Words 338
The Mystery Smith, Walter Chalmers 1860-08 Macmillan’s Magazine 14016
Truisms S. C. C. (Chambers’s) 1860-08-25 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 6782
Lay of Peace in Sickness Teulon, Harriet Mary 1860-09 Good Words 349
The Revelation Smith, Walter Chalmers 1860-09 Macmillan’s Magazine 14019
By A Death-Bed E. G. H. (poet; English Woman’s Journal) 1860-09-01 The English Woman’s Journal 1655
Elfie Meadows T. (Once a Week) 1860-09-08 Once a Week 289
The Vesper-Hour, On the Coast of Normandy Z. (poet; Chambers’s) 1860-09-08 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 6783
The Minstrel’s Curse Uhland, Johann Ludwig 1860-09-22 Once a Week 292
The Old Ivy Ogilvy, William Balfour 1860-12-22 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 6743
How Wondrous are Thy Works, O God! A Hymn Blackie, John Stuart 1862-09 Good Words 413
An Autumn Birthday Hopkins, Manley 1863-10-24 Once a Week 524
The Battle of Cressy. A Reading Moseley, Litchfield 1870-05-21 Once a Week 13600
The Problem Solved 1870-06 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 10505
The Voices in the Fir Wood 1870-06-11 All the Year Round 3824
Brecon Bridge Palgrave, Francis Turner 1870-07 The Cornhill Magazine 12308
On the Thames—July 1870-07-02 All the Year Round 3826
Behind the Roses 1870-07-16 All the Year Round 3827
The Death of King John Moseley, Litchfield 1870-07-23 Once a Week 13606
Ammergau: An Idyll Myers, Frederic W. H. 1870-08 Macmillan’s Magazine 14405
The Cathedral 1870-08-20 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 7267
Two Castles 1870-08-27 All the Year Round 3832
Waning 1870-09-03 All the Year Round 3833
Whither? 1870-09-10 All the Year Round 3834
November. Sic Transit 1870-11-05 All the Year Round 3838
Autumn’s Alchemy 1870-11-26 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 7280
Song Strahan, Alexander Stuart 1871-05-01 The Dark Blue 176
A Worthy Memory Kept Green. After the Fashion of a Ballad. June 23, A. D. 1314 Hood, Tom (Jnr) 1871-06-01 The Dark Blue 177
With a Wedding Present Simcox, William Henry 1871-07-01 The Dark Blue 191
Raindrops Pollock, Walter Herries 1871-09 The Dark Blue 597
A Kiss Pollock, Walter Herries 1871-12 The Dark Blue 625
A Query Howson, Edmund Whytehead 1880 Good Words 3634
I.—The Daisy A. H. J. (poet; Good Words) 1880 Good Words 3623
II.—May A. H. J. (poet; Good Words) 1880 Good Words 13118
V.—Darling Dolly A. H. J. (poet; Good Words) 1880 Good Words 13121
Social Questions. Ireland and Her Famines 1880-02-07 Once a Week 13759
Lavington, Feb. 10, 1849 Wilberforce, Samuel 1880-03 Macmillan’s Magazine 14895
The Rose and Bird Baldwin, Astley H. 1880-04-10 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 7300
Captain Ortis’ Booty: a Ballad Robinson, Agnes Mary Francis 1880-05 The Cornhill Magazine 12243
The Old Nursery Story. From the Low-German Groth, Klaus 1880-07-24 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 7410
Sea-Spoil Prower, Maude 1880-09-04 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 7416
Where is Yesterday? Holden, Mary 1880-11-20 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 7427
VII.—Summer Eve Robertson, James Logie (pseudonym “Hugh Haliburton”) 1880-12 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 9279
Despair. A Dramatic Monologue Tennyson, Alfred 1881-11 The Nineteenth Century 7954
Dawn at Sea Richardson, Robert 1890 Good Words 4077
In the Sad September Gloaming Reid, Samuel 1890 Good Words 4095
“Such Pity as a Father Hath.” A House-Surgeon’s Story M. B. T. (poet; Good Words) 1890 Good Words 4084
“Tod” Anderson, Alexander 1890 Good Words 4024
“That Can Sing Both High and Low” Strachey, Jane Maria 1890-03 Atalanta 1972
Minerva’s Boon 1890-04-19 All the Year Round 4856
My Palace 1890-06 The Cornhill Magazine 12046
Gunnar’s Death. After the Icelandic of Njals Saga 1890-07 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 8398
The Secret Mourner Dawson, James 1890-08-30 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 13156
A Backward Glance Gillington, May Clarissa (Byron) 1890-09-06 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 13157
Life’s Pauses Bruce, Wallace 1890-10 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 8403
Miss Honor’s Wedding Barlow, Jane 1890-11 The Cornhill Magazine 12414
Stella Maris Symons, Arthur 1894-04 The Yellow Book 771
A Postscript to “Retaliation” Dobson, Austin 1897 Pageant 1101
On the Dark Threshold Clark, Margaret S. 1900 Good Words 15016
Roddy Mor the Rover Graves, Alfred Perceval 1900-09 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine 7803
A Christmas Carol 1900-12 Macmillan’s Magazine 14954
A Common Grave in South Africa Tweedale, Violet 1900-12-01 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 12474
Neighbours Baker, Ada Bartrick 1900-12-22 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal 12480