How Wondrous Are Thy Works, O God !

A Hymn.

How wondrous are thy works, O God,1
In radiant freedom shower’d abroad !2
Thy wondrous works still fresh and fair,3
O God, let every tongue declare !4
The mighty mountains, rocky-breasted,5
With various grandeur leafy-vested,6
By the deep central fire up-reared,7
O Lord, at thy command appeared.8
A dense forest. One large tree occupies the foreground; its roots have pulled out from the ground and it leans towards the right side of the illustration. There is a mountain in the background. Full page illustration contained within a single-ruled border.
The deep roar of the voiceful ocean,9
The changeful billows’ sleepless motion,10
Even there thy sounding foot hath trod,11
There goes thy march, thou mighty God !12
Where the rich-tressèd birchen-bower13
Shakes fragrance round in sunny hour,14
Where the rock-rooted pine-trees nod,15
Thy breath is there, thou mighty God !16
Thou lookest, and from thy glance springs17
Quick virtue through the heart of things,18
And at thy touch the soulless mould19
Bursts into stars of living gold.20
Thy clouds o’er canopy my way ;21
The waters roll ; thy breezes play ;22
Thou hast engirt me with fair show23
Of beauty, Lord, where’er I go.24
The uncounted spheres that wheel above me,25
The boundless thoughts that inly move me,26
All are but pulses shot from thee,27
That art, and wert, and art to be.28
How wondrous are thy works, O Lord !29
Thy lively radiance freely pour’d30
On this old world still fresh and fair,31
O God, let every tongue declare !32