Your Loss Will Break My Heart.

Why will you wear those ribbons, the red and blue cockade?1
You’ve thrown aside the love-knot that I so lately made:2
You think a word of comfort will soothe me when we part3
Alas! you little know me—your loss will break my heart.4
You say that life is wasted in such a peaceful scene;5
And must I then remind you how happy we have been?6
I know you sigh to enter the world’s tumultuous mart,7
And you are form’d to grace it—but you will break my heart.8
My love might, had you scorn’d it, in absence seek its cure 9
But being loved, to lose you I never can endure:10
You go to gather laurels—but pause e’er you depart;11
I shall not live to see them—your loss will break my heart.12