The Soldier’s Tear.

Upon the hill he turn’d,1
To take a last fond look2
Of the valley and the village church,3
And the cottage by the brook :4
He listen’d to the sounds5
So familiar to his ear,6
And the soldier leant upon his sword,7
And wiped away a tear.8
Beside that cottage porch9
A girl was on her knees ;10
She held aloft a snowy scarf,11
Which flutter’d in the breeze:12
She breathed a prayer for him,13
A prayer he could not hear ;14
But he paused to bless her as she knelt,15
And wiped away a tear.16
He turn’d, and left the spot,—17
Oh! do not deem him weak ;18
For dauntless was the soldier’s heart,19
Though tears were on his cheek:20
Go, watch the foremost rank,21
In danger’s dark career ;22
Be sure the hand most potent there,23
Has wiped away a tear.24