Bayly, Thomas Haynes (M)

Surname: Bayly
Forename(s): Nathaniel Thomas Haynes
b. 13 October 1797. d. 22 April 1839. Nationality: English. VIAF.
Poet, playwright, and novelist. Pseudonym: Q in the Corner. Only son of Nathaniel Bayly, a wealthy attorney and land agent. Educated at St. Mary Hall, Oxford. Left school to live in Scotland and Dublin before returning to live in Bath in 1824. Married Helena Beecher Hayes on 11 July 1826. Settled in London in 1829. Poetry volumes include Outlines of Edinburgh, and other Poems and Erin and other Poems (1822), Weeds of Witchery (1835), Poems (1843). Biographical information: ODNB. (JS, SP)

Poems associated with this person

Total poems: 17
Poem title Date Periodical Roles id #
The Neglected Child 1829-12 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine Poet 10393
His First Love, and His Last 1830 The Keepsake Poet 12332
The Son of a Soldier 1830 The Keepsake Poet 3105
Your Loss Will Break My Heart 1830 The Keepsake Poet 12330
The Soldier’s Tear 1830 The Keepsake Poet 12331
The First Gray Hair 1830-01 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine Poet 10048
The Exhibited Dwarf 1830-03 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine Poet 10057
The Forsaken to the False One 1830-04 Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine Poet 10061
The False One 1831 Forget-Me-Not Poet 15686
La Pensée 1832 Forget-Me-Not Poet 15306
New Faces 1833 Forget-Me-Not Poet 15232
Forget Me Not 1833 Forget-Me-Not Poet 15226
New Figures 1834 Forget-Me-Not Poet 15730
To A Very Young Friend, With A Present of His First Printed Visiting Card 1835-02-21 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal Poet 3318
To an Old Pleasure Boat, Converted into a Seat in Shirley Park 1837 The Keepsake Poet 4448
Faithful Carlo 1837 Forget-Me-Not Poet 15767
Address to a Wife 1875-07-17 Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal Poet 7077