Hymns for the Unenfranchised.

Who is the Patriot, who is he, 1
When slaves are struggling to be free,2
Freedom’s best-beloved, may claim3
To bear her holiest Oriflamb?4
He who joineth hands with Power,5
When the anarch would devour6
Trampled Right insurgent ? He7
Is no friend of Liberty.8
He who claimeth kin with Right9
Perfumed or in ermine dight,10
Knowing not the “ rabble ”? He11
Hateth Truth and Liberty.12
Who “ for Truth’s sake” would embrace13
A Lie, who seeks fit time and place14
To traffic with his birthright ?We15
Follow not Expediency.16
He who through distress and scorn17
Freedom’s cross hat grandly borne,18
The Uncompromising,—he shall be19
The banner-man of Liberty.20
Though he wear no title-brand,21
Though he own no stolen land,22
Prouder as an upright man23
Than to crawl in Fashion’s van,24
Though his bearing be uncouth,25
Though his zeal be rude as truth,26
Though he lieth neverHe27
Shall lead the Bond to victory.28