The White Rose.


Rose of the desert ! thou art to me1
An emblem of stainless purity,—2
Of those who, keeping their garments white,3
Walk on through life with steps aright.4


Thy fragrance breathes of the fields above,5
Whose soil and air are faith and love ;6
And where, by the murmur of silver springs,7
The Cherubim fold their snow-white wings ;—8


Where those who were severed re-meet in joy,9
Which death can never more destroy ;10
Where scenes without, and where souls within,11
Are blanched from taint and touch of sin ;—12


Where speech is music, and breath is balm ;13
And broods an everlasting calm ;14
And flowers wither not, as in worlds like this ;15
And hope is swallowed in perfect bliss ;—16


Where all is peaceful, for all is pure ;17
And all is lovely ; and all endure ;18
And day is endless, and ever bright ;19
And no more sea is, and no more night ;—20


Where round the throne, in hues like thine,21
The raiments of the ransom’d shine ;22
And o’er each brow a halo glows23
Of glory, like the pure White Rose !24