Death is here :  more gently tread ;1
Whisper softly by the dead.2
Death is holy3
Let thy tears drop very slowly.4
Was she rich in youth and honor ?5
From earthly taint and blemish free ?6
Yer spirit still is hovering near thee,7
Full of human sympathy.8
Softly breathe ;  more gently tread ;9
Hush thy yearnings for the dead :10
Death is holy11
Let thy tears fall very slowly.12
Was she sinful, travel-soiled13
With the dust of years and pains ?14
Judge her tenderly, for God15
Has now forgot her human stains.16
Whisper softly—gently tread ;17
Hush thy chidings near the dead :18
Death is holy19
Let thy tears drop still more slowly.20
Thou at weary—she at rest,21
Free from earthly strife or pain ;22
Thou hast sorrows—she has joy ;23
Wouldst thou wish her here again ?24
She is God’s—more softly tread,25
Hush thy envy for the dead :26
Death is holy27
Let thy dropping tears cease wholly.28